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Fortress Conference- 12 April 2019 - Tîrgu Mureş

Thank you for joining us on Friday, April 12, 2019, at the “Four Tools for a More Profitable Business” conference.

We hope we have been able to offer you useful ideas and valuable tools for the smooth running of your business, structured on the fields: risk management, training courses, the essential elements of the ISO 9001 system, Customer Satisfaction Measurement.

Participants feedback was collected and analyzed through the URS Insights system (the subject of the last presentation) and we are honored to share the results with you:

  • (50%) Workshop: Managementul riscului
  • (23%) Cat de bine ne cunoaştem clienţii? URS Insights - sistem de colectare a feedback-ului clienţilor
  • (14%) Cursuri de calificare - Instrument de dezvoltare pentru angajat şi companie
  • (9%) De la procedură la succes - Secretele ISO 9001 pentru clienţi şi antreprenori mulţumiţi
  • (4%) M-ar fi interesat alte subiecte

Thus, the “most interesting topic” was, for 50% of the respondents, the one related to risk management, followed by the presentation of the URS Insights system, rated with 23% of the votes. Since 4% of you would have been interested in other topics, we invite you to send us your proposals, by email to marketing@urscertificari.ro.

We are glad that 97% of those who expressed their opinion on the quality of the event organization were satisfied with the conditions offered and, equally important, that you accepted the invitation to test the URS Insights system during the conference (feedback rate being 72% for this question).

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