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URS CERTIFICARI is an independent testing, inspection and certification body. With over 5500 certificates issued to date Romania, URS is one of the top five largest certification organizations in Romania. Prestigious companies from Romania have chosen URS as an independent certification body.

The Romanian office was launched in 2007. Since the beginning, URS Certificari has carried out approximately 75,000 management systems certification audits, 500 technical expertise’s and has trained more than 6,000 people in professions such as quality system specialist, environmental auditor, stoker, forklift driver, crane operator and others. The company’s team consists of over 80 full-time specialists – auditors, technical inspectors, trainers, works supervision manager, RSVTI – located in 3 regional offices: Târgu Mureș, București, Iași. URS Certificari proudly collaborates with clients such as: Metrorex S.A., Agrana Romania, Dedeman, Ortoprofil, Mol Romania, Electrogrup, Agrosel, Arabesque, etc.

our values

  • The interests of the company have priority for us and we will not neglect them for any reason, regardless of its nature. It is more an attitude of availability and total dedication for the company and less an actual work effort. We assume this because we know that serious things cannot be done by half measures.
  • When we make a decision that involves a potential conflict of interest between us and the company, we ensure that the company’s interest will prevail over our own or group interest.
  • Each of us offers unconditional support to our colleagues because we know that together we can do things faster, better and with less effort.
  • The very good opinion that our customers form by working with us is a defining element of our past, present and future success. It is possible that during the collaboration with some customers, for various reasons, things do not go as well as they should, and the customers are left with a bad impression of us. We will never leave things like that and we will do everything necessary to finally make our customers at least satisfied, although our goal is to leave them delighted.
  • The customers’ opinion about us is the only one that really matters to us. Why? Because we depend 100% on it. We consider this normal, not in the least frustrating, because we are professionals.
  • For us, a satisfied customer is always more important than maximizing the profit from a transaction with that customer.
  • It is the element on which our development as a company was based and the main difference between us and the competition.
  • Everything we do as a company must have an impeccable quality, in terms of solutions, presentation and delivery services.
  • Quality means spelling, smile, effective solutions, page layout, addressing tone, font used, good taste in clothes, correct word spacing, clean car, phone answering formula, punctuation, punctuality, tidy desk, accurate language, consistency and many more.
  • It is the duty of each one of us to ensure that only quality products and services leave the company and to signal any deviation to initiate corrective actions. This means that anyone who finds a quality problem has a duty to actively intervene in eliminating such problem, even if it has nothing to do with his daily job. Possible quality problems are not found by chance, they are actively sought by each one of us, in order to be eliminated.
  • We understand that the company’s duty is to reward us for the good things we have done and not to motivate us to do our job. And this for a quite simple reason: motivation exists (or does not exist) within us and we are the only ones who can find it.
  • To motivate yourself means to wake up to go to work with pleasure, to feel lucky to do what you do, to break away from your work with difficulty, to be proud of your results, to personally assume your failures, to trust yourself. All of the above cannot be obtained by more money received from the company.
  • You have to be your own locomotive, to move yourself forward in the good days and in the bad days. Yes, we all have rough/bummer days, but if their number exceeds the number of good days, this may not be the right job or company for you.
  • However, do not expect to find your motivation every day, sometimes it is missing when you need it most. In those moments, rely on discipline. Do what you know you have to do.
  • Each one of us is responsible for their own happiness, which we are entitled to and must seek where we see fit. Do not expect this from your boss, colleagues or customers.
  • Today, performance is the only option for a company that wants to survive and, moreover, to grow. And this can only be done with the best of people.
  • For us, performance means a wonderful job. Why? Because we come to love our job not because of good coffee, breaks at our discretion or a salary always paid on time, but because wherever we look, we see colleagues together with whom we can grow.
  • Certainly, at the end of the day, the numbers are what matters. The targets are achieved in our company.
  • In addition to numbers, being successful means: being modest, honest, orderly, disciplined, proactive, paranoid when analysing risks, able to make decisions, obsessed with continuous improvement, responsible when things are not going well, able to choose the best solution and not necessarily your own.
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Besides the impeccable services regarding ISO certification, our partner URS Certificări treats us seriously, respects its commitment, plus they are excellent communicators.

Sebastian Chiricuță – December 2021

Performance is the only option.